3028 TCCD

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TCCD3028 refers to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. This dioxin is more commonly known as the Seveso dioxin since the Seveso disaster, a chemical accident in Italy in 1976. It caused the death of several tens of thousands of animals and hundreds of inhabitants, especially in neighboring villages, by contaminating almost 400 hectares. This disaster caused many injuries in the long term: cancer and other diseases.

In this short film, a similar catastrophe occurs centuries later, in 3028, in a world where overcrowding has become a real problem. Pollution is omnipresent and the air has become unbreathable, even in the heights, so much so that humanity is ready to try all solutions. In a laboratory in the heart of a big city, chemists use this dioxin in biochemical tests aimed at purifying the air. However, following an unknown error, the dioxin spread at lightning speed, killing almost all of its life in a matter of hours.

Some populations managed to leave the planet to join vessels in orbit around the earth, bases located on the moon or even colonies already present on Mars.

Years later, the earth has become a scene of chaos, a dense and toxic fog reigns over the entire planet. Plants and the rare surviving species have undergone mutations. A man, sentenced to death for murder in space, is exiled to earth for the end of these days.

Find our short film very soon! In the meantime, here is the announcement video:

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