Fractal - Motion Design

First small fractal video in 3D made with Vectron from Octane Render on Cinema4D and Mandelbulb3D. 

The idea was to create organic forms and make them evolve until their annihilation. The ray tracing rendering techniques with Vectron are very long and despite a 3x2080ti rendering tower the rendering time for this 2K video was 425 hours.

So I didn’t push the idea to the final rendering and keep this version as a trailer for the Annihilation project so the final version will be released later when we get a more powerful rendering machine.

In the meantime, we’ll find our other fractal projects here and there!

The music is a personal remix of the original soundtrack of the annihilation film which also uses mandelbulb3D fractals. Here are some renderings of the fractals made for this video.

Annihilation capture 2
Annihilation capture 1