Car Mapping

Motion design - animation - mapping video

Video Mapping - Audi A4 Car Projection Mapping...

Here is a video of a projection on an Audi A4. A 4 minutes show realized in one week by the Namas team based on the music A Race Against Time by PYLOT.

Mapping car realized thanks to a video projector 10000 lumens 4K outdoor on a white car. We made this demo in order to propose a new type of communication on car.

Namas is currently looking for old cars for a new project of car mapping more push in order to contrast the latest technologies and works of the automobile. If you want to join the project please contact us here.

This project was completed in one week, the time it took to find a shooting location, take projection measurements and references. We then recreated the environment and the car in 3D and created the visual content in relation to the music.

The software we used was Cinema4D (Octane rendering), After Effect, Speedtree, Realflow and Resolume for the projection.