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When Motion Design and Magic Meet...

We wanted to talk to you about our work with a talented magician and the possibilities of integrating motion design into hitherto unexplored areas.

Recently at Namas, we had the chance to collaborate with an outstanding magician: Hiromagie. Hiro is a performer evolving all over France who regularly performs shows for all types of VSE/SME/TGE companies during event fairs. However, he is not a magician like the others, his tricks transmit magic through a brand new prism: the digital world.

Say goodbye to the magician limited to his wand and his deck of cards, and hello to the 2.0 magician who will have more than one trick in his tablet.

Thus, using all types of media such as holograms, it allows you to travel in different universes, creating interactivity between physical objects and digital content.

This practice fascinates us. We have produced its contents to participate as an assistant magician to dazzle you through its tricks. A demanding exercise that required us a time of adaptation but also allowed us to broaden our range of skills. Working with a magician requires reactivity and good attention skills in order to allow the juxtaposition of these two areas.

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hiro magie-cadre-blanc

Close-up magic, or magic of proximity, draws its originality from the interaction with the audience. Moving from group to group with the digital tablet, our magician will propose personalized experiences by highlighting your logos, visuals and messages. This futuristic magic allows you to modernize the art of illusion…for the greatest pleasure of your audience!

We are currently developing a holographic magic offer, for an interactive magic service with immersive holograms. Very easy to set up, the holographic propeller will surprise and entertain your guests. We adapt to your identity as well as to the theme of your project, in order to create dynamic and inspiring content.

We have been combining magic with big screen projection for a few years now. Ideal for the launch of a plenary, a convention, this digital magic is in line with the visual show. The magician interacts with the pad, the screen, the hologram, in order to immerse the audience in a precise universe.
A true artistic favourite, this event animation will sublimate your identity, your values and your message.


Experience the ultimate magic show experience with holograms measuring 6 meters by 3 meters. Sensational and grandiose magical effects come to life in front of and behind the magician in addition to screen projections. All our skills and know-how are here to offer your event a unique and surprising digital magic show mixing humor, interaction and poetry.


Crédits :

Maxence Navoret

Mathieu Devidal